To act. Enhance my skill as an actor while simultaneously breaking the barriers of performance art.

Television Pilot: 
The Funk Wizard of Flatbush
Comet Lee Singleton
Fiveandime Studios

Selected Theatre
Voices of a People's History
Sojourner Truth
PCC Little Theatre
The Vagina Monologues
PCC Performing Arts Center
Television Commercials:
Adidas “We are all Originals”
Featured “Cooler”
Jeff Harding & Dan Portrait  
Target “Back to College”
Johnson & Johnson “Party Night”          
Featured “Xbox”
Featured “Dancer”                                                             
Dan Portrait /Kamp Grizzly
Concept Farms

Music Video: 
Christian Kane “The House Rules”
Featured “Dancer”
Timothy Hutton 

Voice-Over Experience:
Microcosm                                        “Amoeba”, “Female”,” Beetle” & “Fly”              Chad Sikora
End of the World                                         Featured “Introduction”                  Take Mob Studios

Model &Photography: (images provided upon request) 
Leelush Designs, B. Wise Designs, Zarie M., Rebecca McNeal, Mike Cetta, Kamp Grizzly, Joe Wehner

Actor Training:
•    “Introduction to Meisner” with James Price (The Acting Studio Inc, NYC). 
•    “Fundamentals of Meisner” with Jana Lee Hamblin (Act Now Portland). 
•    “Introduction to Acting” with Donna Bahr (Portland State University).   

•    “Auditions Technique” with Jana Lee Hamblin (Act Now Portland).
•    “Acting for the Camera” with Jana Lee Hamblin (Act Now Portland). 
Voice:  Robert DiFalco (Los Angeles).  
Dance: Rafaela M. Yamin (Salsa), Selena Bekakis (Hip-hop).
Movement: Jim Iorio. 

The New School- Eugene Lang College.

Dance: Merengue & Bachata. Languages: Fluent in Spanish, Dialects & Voice-Over skills: New Yorker, Brooklynese, Child, Cranky Old Lady, Urban Latino, Minnesotan, Scottish, New Englander & News Reporter.


To critically analyze the options one is given. To fully understand these options are limited edition. To detach and distance oneself far enough to see this limitation is intentional and specific. To examine the intention and discover the repetition in its encounter, isn't prolific. To follow the algorithm to the rhythm of the beat. To sway back and forth in the middle of one's seat. To realize one's feet are no longer swinging to the sound. To feel the heavy weight of one's body weight upon the ground. To attempt to get up and to get up again. To not remember who, what, why or when. To wake up and feel so fresh and so clean. To always be the newest trend in the scene. To neglect, to dissect. To become what they collect. To displace and regret. To simply "forget".



Themes include: 

Lefebvre's Social Space
Environmental Injustice
Bio-art & installations
Architectural design
Urban Imaginary
Spatial Politics
Urban Studies
Social Justice
Food Access  
War cries